Pruning is the deliberate removal of tree branches and limbs to achieve a specific objective in the alteration of a tree’s health and form. Pruning is the most significant practice due to costs and impact on the tree, but can extend the useful life of a tree in your yard for decades.

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Sometimes removals are warranted.  This can be accomplished through advanced rigging and mechanical techniques.  In some cases cranes are required to assist the removal process.  In most cases trees do need to be permitted for removal.  If your in the Portland area please use this link for guidelines.  If you are outside the Portland Area please refer to your local city website or office to receive and submit a tree removal permit application.



Cable installations can greatly reduce the risk of failure for trees with included bark.  Included bark occurs when the attachment (a branch) failed to properly grow to the stem.  An attachment with included bark greatly increases the risk of failure.  Cable installations help to reduce this risk.  There are both dynamic and static cabling systems.



Storm Damage

Storm damage does occur.  Trees can and do come down from wind loads during storms.  These situations can be very dangerous as heavy tree loads can shift and move unexpectedly.  As with removals, storm damage cleanup often is accomplished using mechanical advantages and advanced rigging.