Don't Just Plant New Trees-Keep Your Old Trees Standing

Talk to us about tree cabling and bracing services in Portland, OR

Maintaining a yard full of beautiful trees often means you have to do more than plant new trees. Rather than looking for a tree planting service in Portland, OR, turn to Samsara Tree Care for tree cabling installation and stabilization services.

The old trees on your property are filled with history. Trees that have been around for decades enrich our urban environment and add beauty and value to your property.

One way to fill your yard with lush greenery is to plant new trees, but Samsara Tree Care wants to help you preserve the trees you have. Reach out to us today to learn more about our tree bracing service.

    Let us preserve your leaning tree

    At Samsara Tree Care in Portland, OR, we provide more than tree planting service-we also provide tree preserving service. Our team will run cables between the trunk or stems to anchor them to the ground, so that your tree will remain upright.

    We used a modern method of tree cabling-we anchor your tree with a bolt rather than wrapping cables around it. This protects the tree and keeps it healthy.

    Call us right now at 503-444-0143 to get a free estimate on our tree bracing services.