Arborist- |ar·bor·ist|is a specialist who is in the care of trees and shrubs. This activity includes tree surgery, the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of tree diseases.

Keep the Trees on Your Property Looking Their Best

A major part of keeping your property safe and looking its best is maintaining the health of your trees. Samsara Tree Care is a tree care company in Portland, OR that provides the highest quality tree care services.

The arboriculture industry is an evolving field. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and other organizations are continuously updating new techniques and tree care practices. We are committed to sharing the knowledge continuously evolving practices with our clients so that they can better understand and care for their trees. Tree care responsibility does not have to be solely in the hands of those who carry sharp tools!

At Samsara Tree Care, we care about you, your safety and the health of your trees. We're passionate about our work, and we bring that passion to every job we handle. You can expect only professionalism when you're working with us.

You can turn to us for a wide range of tree care services, including:

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Hire a trusted tree care company

If you're looking for a locally-owned and -operated tree care company in the Portland, OR area, look no further than Samsara Tree Care. Let us handle your tree care needs because we are:

  • Experienced-Our team has years of combined experience in the tree service industry, and our owners are college-educated arborists.
  • Professional-As certified arborists, we take our job very seriously, using modern techniques and technologies in our tree care services.
  • Friendly-It's our mission to be warm, communicative and respectful to every single client.